FIndUs App Examples and Guidelines

Phone Specs

Example App
  • When clicked this links to your advert. 
  • You can then be phoned with a click of a button
  • Emailed
  • Located
  • .. and your business information viewed

Make the most of your FindUs App put your code on the back or your business cards. Upload to your social media, email it out to your clients so they can scan and keep your details at their fingertips

Did you know your app has
the ability to:

  • Collect a Database
  • Run Competitions
  • Run Surveys and Feedback
  • Run a Loyalty Reward Programme. Your clients can stamp their rewards on their phone

Phone specs 1  

Can we use your logo?

If your logo is very wide and not very deep chances are we would not get the impact you would like to see

Here is an example of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo’s logo. The top one works well

Women’s Lifestyle Expo also have the option to use their logo on one line. As you can see when it is taken down in proportion it becomes very small and the impact is lost.

If your logo is quite wide OR deep then we strongly suggest you use a portion of the logo if possible or use a photo or graphic instead. Eg., if you are a coffee shop with a wide logo or fine text then lets use a coffee cup

App Guidelines

Logo’s come in all shapes and sizes and so do smartphones. On the majority of phones we only have a small square to work with.

Based on an iPhone 4, you have an area of 17mm x 17mm.

Rule of thumb About the size of your thumb nail squared off

Of course this size increase if scanned on an iPad or larger screened smartphone.


For repeat business we want your visitor to
locate you with ease

Loyalty App Guidelines

loylaty app layout