About the FindUs App and QR Codes

QR codes were originated from Japan for tracking car parts. QR is short for Quick Response.

Standard QR codes can be read by any generic QR reader and take you to a URL line (website link) or wording. There are other QR codes that have unique functions and provide a lot more power, eg: Subway have developed their own QR codes that can only be read with the Subway App and enable you to collect your subway points on your phone. 

The FindUs QR codes can only be read with the FindUs App which has multiple functions unique to New Zealand and as far as we are aware the world. Giving you the opportunity to be part of leading edge technology without the price tag!

Will your customers use them? Today, more people are using QR codes and appreciate this technology, and those that don’t will certainly be inquisitive, which may open the door for conversation and a potential sale.


What is the difference between
a Generic QR Code and 
a FindUs QR Code?

schools branded

FindUs loyalty found here web

Nearbycafe branded loyalty

Generic QR Reader - ADVANTAGES

  • Can be downloaded FREE and will scan all standard QR codes taking you to a link, eg: website link or wording


  • Cannot read FindUs QR codes
  • Often when scanned the link or info is lost or hard to navigate and locate links
  • Single function tool. Does not have the features of the FindUs App.

about findus qr codes


FindUs QR App (Reader) - ADVANTAGES

  • Can be downloaded FREE and will scan ALL standard QR codes taking you to a link, eg: website link or wording
  • Multi function electronic wallet
  •  All links and rewards are backed up on our secure server
  • When your FindUs QR code is scanned it loads your logo and brief message on your visitors phone for quick, easy visual reference
  • Links to your advert for easy reference, any updated details including, map, enquiry box, phone at a click of a button, contacts details, phone and more...
  • Ability to run a loyalty programme eg: collect your coffee counts or gas fill counts and store multiple reward cards on your phone
  • Ability to capture a data base with an opt in opt out of mailing list function
  • Membership App function
  • Events App function
  • The FindUs App is on 1000’s of peoples phones all linking to the FindUs App Directory where you could be listed
  • Your advert that sits behind your App Slide is mobile friendly and searchable by Google
  • Can run a survey or feedback plus bookings and social media links
  • Every time visitors click onto your advert it is increasing your ranking’s in Google 
  • We market the FindUs App through radio, FindUs Inprint Directory, competitions and more... to encourage the scanning of your FindUs QR Code
  • The FindUs App is constantly under development bringing added new features, keeping the user interactive and aware of the ongoing new functions. All linking back to your information, giving your business additional branding


  • At point of download the FindUs App has to be registered (this only needs to be done once) and takes about a minutes