FindUs Onsite

A simple but effective login/logout system using smartphones and QR Codes.

FindUs Onsite login/out system 
can be applied to almost any business from construction sites to schools for a simple, cost-effective way to manage your site.

How it works

  1. FindUs Onsite creates a unique QR Code for your site or outlet that contractors, staff or visitors can scan when entering or leaving a site
  2. The contractor, staff or visitor downloads the FREE FindUs App (once only)
  3. The user then scans the code at entrance
  4. A simple login form loads for them to fill out and submit
  5. When user scans again to log out, the fields are auto filled to save time and they logout

Geo locations and time

  1. When a staff member/contractor logs in or out, the administration section is automatically updated with accurate time and location information of where they scanned the site code.

Company Administration 

  1. Login any time to follow who is on site
  2. Track login/logout times of staff or construction team
  3. Sort by date, time, name, location and more...
  4. Export out your login/logout stats at anytime as an editable XML file

Additions available

  1. Update the page that sits behind your login/out page
  2. Add emergency services
  3. Health and safety guidelines
  4. Upload PDF files
  5. Photos
  6. Any additional text - contact and site details and more.....

Push notifications

  1. Contact your whole team with the push of a button, eg.
  2. if the entrance to the site has changed
  3. weather warnings affecting the site
  4. emergency site meeting


  1. Base packages is $680+gst subscription per annum which includes setup of information page plus $100+gst per code. Each site can have a separate code you you may choose to use the same code through all your sites.
  2. Extra costs are dependant on the print material required and additional page content if any that would need to be loaded
  3. Please contact us to let us know your situation and what you would like to achieve, to enable us to give you a firm quote. It is cost effective and very easy to use.

Forms and data collected

  1. Can be custom built
  2. Custom built forms incur additional costs

FindUs Onsite Demo

Like to see it working?

Simply download the FREE FindUs App from your Android or iPhone App store and scan this code. Feel free to add your data and login. If you then scan again to logout you will see how the form auto fills, and how simple and easy it is to use!

scan code demo