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Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO  

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Appearing on the first page of Google’s search results is a key marketing strategy for many companies. In reality, only a few businesses achieve that goal with their target keywords. Those who do, have implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

SEO can be a paid search by Google Adwords. This is great and it works but is an ongoing cost. Google guarantees you will appear on the front page of Google for the specific number of visits that you pay for. Once you stop paying, you drop off the front page. Companies can pay hundreds even thousands of dollars a month to retain their rankings, using paid search.

FindUs works with Organic Search. Targeting keywords and phrases on your webpage within the FindUs Directory. Our website is ranked very highly in Google search, so by advertising within our directory you have more chance of been found (FindUs is crawled by the Google Spiders approximately twice a month) It often takes a little longer to move up the Google ladder using organic search but once there, you become embedded without the ongoing costs.

Think about this.  As a company owner, you may believe in the old saying ‘build it and they will come’, expecting your new website to bring in new visitors and sales immediately. However, you may be disappointed when the expected flood of new website enquiries fails to materialise.   

Here is a common analogy for Search Engine Optimisation: Imagine you are organising a function and arranging seating, food and beverage. But no one turns up – because you forgot to send out invitations!

By Advertising within the FindUs Directory you are sending out invitations for people to visit your FindUs Advert. Therefore, increasing your chances to get a response or driving more traffic to your site (known as Back Linking)

Note: Unfortunately there are no guarantees with organic search but our success rate is extremely high and not the only card we pull to get you found. DON'T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET - Join us today.

  • Be a part of powerful online advertising housed within our directory portal
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We know how many people visit your FindUs Advert online. Whether they get to your advert via Google or by the added backstops we have put in place.  Therefore, we can comfortably guarantee that we will get visitors to your advert one way or the other as we have all bases covered !! and not relying on one source.
How effective is your Business Advertising? Does your current advertising strategy cover all of the above? Have you considered changing or adding to your current marketing strategy? 
Has anyone ever offered you an opportunity like this..... we can answer this one for you: NO, because there is no one else in NZ that can? 

Below are a handful of clients to give you an example of what we aim to achieve
We work with keywords, phrases and 
backlinking to help you to be found, with a fomula that we have had great success with. What would you like to be found under when someone is trying to find your type of business in Google search??  We have a lot more to work with if you run with the Sliver or Gold package - Gold been the ultimate and very affordable. This page can be used as your own website or gives us the ability to give you very strong backlinking to your site.

Client Organic Search Examples - GO TO GOOGLE SEARCH
When people go to Google it is to type in a search: In 99% of cases there is more than one word entered to perform a search. Below are clients we have worked with on keywords and phases.

When performing a search in Google, we are unsure where these clients currently sitting as Google is like a big chess board and can change daily. Been ranked on page 1 to 3 is is great. Obviously page one been the ultimate and worth GOLD. 
As a rule of thumb people do not search past page three.

NOTE: These are not the only phrases and words that these client may be found under. Depending on text within their page, it is highly possible they are found under a number of other keywords and phrases that we are not aware of or have performed a search on.

Client: Kawarau Jet Rotorua Keywords - phrases used

  • Jet boating Rotoura
  • Kawarau Jet Rotoura
  • Parasailing Rotorua
  • kjet Rotorua

Client: Adele Caravan HireKeywords - phrases used (Using as there own website)
  • Caravan Hire Hawkes Bay
  • Long term caravan heir Hastings
  • Caravans Napier
  • Adele Caravan Hire

Client: Party Sushi Keywords - phrases used
  • Party Sushi
  • Sushi Te Rapa
  • Catering Sushi Hamilton
  • Sushi Platters Hamilton
Client: Tank Water Services Keywords - phrases used (Using as there own website)
  • Tank Water Services
  • Water Tank Cleaning Waikato
  • Rain water filtering Waikato
  • Water tank sanitation Waikato
Client: Not Just Shoes Keywords - phrases used (Using as their own website)
  • Not Just Shoes
  • Hogl Shoes Invercargill
  • Handbags Invercargill
  • Kubo Boots Invercargill
Client: Sundance Spas Keywords - phrases used
  • Sundance Spas Southland
  • Shade 7 Otago
  • Sun Shades Otago
  • Spa Bath Supplier Invercargill
  • Hotspring Spas Alexandra
Client: Share NZ Keywords - phrases used
  • Share NZ Invercargill
  • Financial Advisers Invercargill
  • Insurance Advisers Invercargill
  • John Turnbull Dunedin
​Client: Who's ya Barber Keywords - phrases used (Using as their own website)
  • Who's ya Barber
  • Barber Hamilton
  • Mens haircuts Hamilton
  • Barber Te Rapa
Client: Roger That Handyman Keywords - phrases used (Using as their own website)
  • Roger That Waikato
  • Handyman Hamilton
  • Rental Property Repairs Waikato
  • Lifestyle Block Maintenance Waikato
Client Leigh Basinger Artist Keywords - phrases used (Using as their own website)
  • Leigh Basinger Artist
  • China Painting Tauranga
  • Reverse Glass Painter Tauranga
  • Modern Artist Katikati
  • Landscape Artist Katikati

Client: Roseanne Hannah Keywords - phrases used
  • Roseanne Hannah
  • Celebrant Waikato
  • Marriage Celebrant Hamilton
  • JP Central Hamilton

Client: Banks Builders Keywords - phrases used (Using as their own website)
  • Banks Builders
  • Certified Builder New Plymouth
  • Light commercial builder New Plymouth
  • Builder Alterations New Plymouth
Client: Sugar Bowl Keywords - phrases used
  • Sugar Bowl Cafe
  • Cafe Maeroa
  • Breakfast Maeroa
Client: Devon Oaks Keywords - phrases used
  • Devon Oaks Cambridge
  • Horse Agistment
  •  Horse Education Cambridge
  • Horse pre run prep Cambridge
Client: DJ's Furniture Removal Keywords - phrases used
  • Furniture Removal Hamilton
  • Household Shift Waikato
  • Furniture Movers Waikato
  • Office Packers Waikato
Client: Nicecars Keywords - phrases used
  • Rental Cars & Vans Hamilton
  • Rental Cars long term Hamilton
  • Cheap rental cars Hamilton
  • Vans for rent Waikato