Promoting Your Store

Once you have setup your online store settings and menus, you are ready to start taking orders. Getting online orders requires you to drive customers to your website to place orders. This means promoting your new website, the same as any other website, e-commerce store or online business.

Some element of that is integrated as part of our system but there is still much that is beyond our software. This single page does not do justice to the vast number of strategies available to you. The below suggestions are here to help you get started. Even after doing these, you should never stop trying to figure out how to market your online store better.

Let Your Customers Know

Initially, your customers will not be aware of your new online ordering system. It's important that you let them know this exists. This can be done by handing out cards or flyers. You can also put up a small leaflet on your counter. You can inform customers who call in to make an order that they can now order online. This is really about getting creative and communicating the message to your customers.

Promote Through Social Media

Spread the word through your facebook page, twitter account or any other social channel which you connect with your customers. Consider our facebook page integration to allow customers to order directly through Facebook.

Get Creative

When it comes to marketing the sky is the limit, which can also be a problem because it can be hard to figure out what to do or what works. To truly succeed, you must get creative and learn about the best ways to get in touch with your customers and share your message with them. To get you started, some other ideas include e-mail marketing and free samples.

Need Images Or Posters?

Marketing your store requires you often have a few nice images to put up on social channels or posters to print out for in-store. We recommend using a tool such as It is a simple online design tool that you can use to create posters or Facebook post images and is completely free to start using.