Strip Payment Setup for

Stripe Payments

You can accept credit cards online using Stripe. If you do not use Stripe you can also use PayPal for online payments. Below is our simple guide on setting up Stripe and managing your account.

How Stripe Payments Work

When Stripe is enabled, customers can choose from the online payment option when checking out. If selected, a credit card form will popup for your customer to enter their details.


Payments Processed On Order Confirmation

After completing the form and placing an order, we will validate that the card is able to make payment. The customer will not be charged yet. Once the order status is changed to "Confirmed" in the system, we will process the charge and payment will be made. You will need to "Confirm" online orders within 7 days otherwise we will no longer be able to capture the payment.

Connecting Your Stripe Account

To get started you will need to create a Stripe account. You can do this either via the Stripe website or through our platform. If you are logged in, head to the "store > payments" section. Here you can click the "connect" button under the Stripe tab section to proceed to the account setup.


If you already have an account, you can press login on the top right. Otherwise you will be required to create an account with your business details.

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If you have an account and login, simply authorize our application with your Stripe account.


Once completed, your Stripe account will be created or connected to our application. You will be re-directed to our site which will complete the connection process. If your account is fully valid, you will see that Stripe has connected properly and you will now be able to enable online payments. Make sure to enable online payments and save your settings.


It is important to note your Stripe account may not be valid yet. Please read on.

Validating Your Stripe Account

Until charges have been enabled on your account, you will not be able to process payments. Once you connect your Stripe account our system will check to see if your account is valid. If not it will say so under the Stripe status on your payment settings page. You will need to login to your Stripe account to see what is required for a fully valid account and make any corrections. Once done, return to our payment settings page and press the 'Check Stripe' button. You will see the Stripe status change and the check Stripe button disappear once validated. The option to enable online payments will also now be displayed. Once you toggle that option and save, online payments will be enabled in your store on checkout.

Stripe Fee's

We are not responsible for your Stripe account management or fees. Your Stripe account is simply linked to your FindUs Menus account to process charges on your behalf with the money going straight to your account. As such it is important you are aware of Stripe's payment processing fees. You can ready more here Please also take the time to read their FAQ and support to clear up any issues you may have.

Stripe Currency Conversions

Stripe enables you to accept different currencies online depending on the country you are in. Once you setup your Stripe account, we will automatically get your default payment currency. If your Stripe currency is different from your store currency, we will convert the order amount to your Stripe default currency using real-time exchange rates for payment to be made.

Issuing Refunds

Currently, to process refunds or issue charge backs, you will need to login to your Stripe account and do this manually. When customers place orders and pay online, you will see the payments under your Stripe account along with the total, customer name, number and email. You can easily issue refunds from here. Soon we will integrate this directly into the platform along with other Stripe features.

Disconnecting Your Account

You can disconnect your Stripe account from our system by pressing the "disconnect" button under the settings payment page.